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Cleaning Systems

The X-tream Klean systems are unlike conventional cleaning systems. The patented pop-up nozzles on the pool’s floor open up and emit a powerful stream of pressurized water, circulating treated, filtered water through every layer of your pool. This "bottom-to-top" circulation eliminates the areas below the surface where bacteria and algae grow, reducing the amount of chemicals needed resulting in dramatic savings on chemical costs.

The X-tream Klean patented water valve automatically regulates the nozzle sequence, throughout your filtration cycle. A convenient pause control allows you a manual override of the system. Maintaining a clean, healthy, warm pool is easier and more a? affordable than ever with the X-tream Klean systems, which provide chemical distribution and heat savings through your choice of four different cleaning systems.
The Pool That Cleans Itself

Crystal Palace In-floor Circulation System: Includes two nearly invisible pop-up circulation nozzles in the pool's floor. This is the basic system to enhance pool circulation and temperature distribution.



X-tream Klean™ System: Designed similar to the Crystal Palace In-?floor Circulation System with the added benefits of a network of nozzles.  This provides additional cleansing power for the bottom of the pool, forcing debris towards the active main drain for easy removal.

X-tream Klean™ Plus: Enhancing the X-tream Klean system, extra cleaning heads are also placed in the steps and seats for a more complete pool cleaning.

X-tream Klean™ Deluxe: The ultimate in cleaning system, this package incorporates cleaning heads on the floor, steps and seats. In addition, a debris canister is installed to catch large debris. This package is perfect package for areas where falling leaves will be present.



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