Frequently Asked Questions

What are my renovation options?

  • Is there a way to check to see if my pool is leaking?
  • Is acid washing or painting an inexpensive alternative to resurfacing?
  • How old does a pool have to be to be a candidate for renovation?
  • Is it possible to change the shape and size of my pool?
  • How hard is it to update my equipment?
  • Can I remodel my pool during the winter?
  • How much renovation can I afford?

What's involved in the pool renovation process?

  • How long will a renovation take?
  • What types of things can be changed?
  • Will the renovation be a messy experience?
  • How much does a typical renovation cost?

Why choose Blue Diamond Pool and Spa for my pool renovation?

  • Why choose Blue Diamond?
  • Is Blue Diamond able to handle my entire pool renovation project?

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