Some Blue Diamond Stories and Testimonies

We’ve created over 5000 pools and spas over the last 31 years for some really incredible people, and each of their reasons for getting a pool was as unique as they are. Many of them have shared their experiences with us, and we hope their stories will inspire you to get the pool of your dreams for your own reasons.

Bill Alan’s New Paradise

"As I watch my daughters play in our new Blue Diamond Pool, I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful pool that was done within my budget and finished ahead of schedule. My family will continue to enjoy the pool for many years to come!"
B.A. – Springhill, TN

The Pool Keeps on Giving
"Thanks Blue Diamond Pools! We have had years of trouble free enjoyment and we love the esthetic beauty of the pool and its surroundings. We have recommended you to many of our friends and acquaintances."

L.S. – Nashville, TN

Barbara Levi’s Chill Pill
“In my job, I get so stressed out, but when I put some Jimmy Buffet on the stereo and hop into my new spa, the stress is gone in minutes. Thanks for helping me decide to add it on!”

B.L. – Mt. Juliet, TN

Curtis Fulton’s Time Out
“Our boy is one wound-up guy, and every now and then we have to slow him down. TV, Video Games, Computers… He starts flying around and not listening. Too much stimulus. So I send him out to the pool to chill out. It works. Just ask his sister!”

B.F. – Henderson, TN

Class of 72’s Reunion Central
“I was part of my high school reunion committee, and when we were looking for a place to hold it, everything was so stuffy and expensive. That didn’t really seem to be what our reunion was about. So, I decided to have it at my house. Got some pop-up tents and chairs and lots of floaties for the pool, and what a hit! Everyone brought their swimsuits, and we were in the pool for hours. Got to spend real quality time with my old school mates. Impressed a few people, too!”

T.S. – Mt. Juliet, TN

Bobby Benton’s Private Membership
“I have paid membership dues to my health club for over 5 years, imagine how much money I could have saved if I had gotten my pool sooner. One hour of laps combines my cardio and my strength training. The water gives me evenly distributed resistance on all my muscles. This is better than any machine at the gym! ”
B.B. – Green Hills, TN

The Townsend’s Mini Vacation
“John and I have been on what seems like an eternity of cruise ships. We’ve traveled all over the world. Packed and unpacked. I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything. But now we find the best getaway to be our Blue Diamond Pool. When we were designing it, we wanted to be sure to have lots of options like a spa, waterfall, sunning area and lots of plants. I’m glad we did, because now we can pass on traveling and stay at home for mini vacations.”

B.T. – Brentwood, TN

Bob and Patty’s Reason to Play Hotel
“We love to throw parties and invite people to spend the night. It’s a smart thing to do these days. And with our pool, we can have lots of people over, cook out, dine out and basically hang by the pool. Last weekend, we started at noon and were still in the pool at midnight! The way Blue Diamond designed it, we can have 20 people out by the pool and it doesn’t even feel crowded.”

P.W. – Murfreesboro, TN

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