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Swimming Pool BuilderStanding the test of the Diamond
When making your final decision on the company that will fulfill your backyard dream and install or update your swimming pool or spa, carefully look at the company’s history. Ask yourself, will the swimming pool and the company stand the test of time?

Blue Diamond has been installing swimming pools and spas for more than 27 years of combined experience with the finest quality swimming pool installation techniques and equipment available. We have the financial strength and capacity to give homeowners peace of mind in knowing that their installer will stand behind them when they need it.

Quality pool standards
Can a customer’s expectations be too high? At Blue Diamond, we won’t let you be satisfied with less than superior. We strive hard to meet our customers’ expectations of quality customer service. In fact, we have implemented systems to gauge our ability to meet our customers’ expectations. Upon the completion of your new pool installation, you will receive an online survey designed to provide us with feedback to improve our processes, management and delivery time. Your swimming pool design consultant will provide you with a copy of the survey during your first consultation.

Every Blue Diamond employee understands satisfied customers mean referrals, and referrals mean success. Our customer base is continually expanding through referrals from satisfied customers and because of our reputation for high-quality work. Our customers show us a great degree of loyalty by contacting us to build not only their second pool, but also their third and fourth.

Inground pool builder

Your investment in a Blue Diamond pool or spa affords you one of the most powerful and comprehensive warranty packages in the industry, which your design consultant will discuss with you in detail. Through national purchasing programs with some of the industry’s top-quality equipment manufacturers, we are often able to offer the best protection money can buy. So, you’ll own the most beautiful, energy-efficient, and durable in-ground swimming pool or spa the market has to offer, and you’ll know that we’ll stand behind our commitment to you.

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