Swimming Pool Design Process

The process of selecting your pool design and shape is a collaboration between you and your Blue diamond Pools and Spa design consultant. You participate in the process through every step, ensuring that you’ll have no surprises. Although we have virtually limitless design choices, your consultant will come to your home to help or our showroom, then you select just the right options for your needs and we build everything with you using our 3D design software.

The length of time it takes to build a pool is dependent on several variables, including municipal codes and regulations. Discuss your time-frame and expectations with your design consultant. Once the excavation begins, the construction process moves along at a steady pace. Your selection of design options prior to excavation will allow us stay on schedule and procure all of the necessary permit applications.
Then you can start planning your first summer in your dream pool.

Below is a brief summary of the steps that will be involved in your pool
building process for a concrete pool:

•  Design
•  The Site
•  Excavation
•  Reinforced Steel
•  Plumbing
•  Pneumatic Concrete Application
•  Coping
•  Tile
•  Electrical
•  Decking
•  Interior Finish
•  Getting Started
•  Let’s Go Swimming

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