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Can I take care of my pool and make repairs myself?
With time, even the best care will not prevent a pool from showing signs of age. If you are inclined to make basic repairs, be sure to check your manuals for information that may help you make them correctly. If you don’t think you can do it yourself, you should call an Blue Diamond representative to assist you.

If you choose to have Blue Diamond service your pool, you have nothing to do! Our professional technicians will maintain your pool and its equipment on a weekly basis. They will also provide you with an evaluation of how your pool is doing and any possible future maintenance that might be needed.

Is pool maintenance difficult and time consuming?
Regular pool maintenance can take as little as 10 - 20 minutes per week.
It’s that easy.

With today’s pool technology, maintenance is simpler, safer and more cost-effective than ever before. You can automatically test the water, clean the pool, even heat and cool, and all you have to do is add chemicals if needed and brush the pool once a month during the season.

You’ll find you will spend far more time swimming in your pool than the time it will take to maintain it. Discuss how much or how little maintenance you want to do with your Blue Diamond design consultant and they will make recommendations about which equipment choices are right for you. Or, in many locations, you can opt to have us service the pool for you so your maintenance time is zero!

If you live in an area where the pool needs to be closed for the winter and opened in the spring, our service technicians can handle that for you as well.

Is there a simple, handy checklist for pool cleaning?
Blue Diamond provides each new pool customer with a printed manual on pool maintenance and safety guidelines. Keeping your pool clean can be made easier by following a regular schedule. If you decide to do it yourself, a good checklist to follow for regular pool care is:

  • Use a leaf skimmer to help in removing floating debris or for picking up objects from the bottom.
  • Clean the strainer baskets in the skimmer basket and pump.
  • Clean the tile and walls; tile is best cleaned with a soft brush and a pool tile cleaner. Use a pool brush to brush the walls and the bottom of the pool.
  • Vacuum the pool at least once a week.
  • Test the water frequently and add chemicals to balance the water if needed.
  • If water turns cloudy, test for chemical balance. If necessary, backwash and service the filter.
  • Keep the deck clean and clear of debris.

Does an automatic pool cleaner cut down on maintenance?
Absolutely. A good automatic pool cleaner will keep your pool free of debris. There will still be the need to brush the pool to release any dirt that might be clinging to the pool walls and floor, but your cleaning time will be significantly reduced.

Do I need to drain my pool each year?
Not really. Pools can handle cold temperatures better when partially filled with water as a buffer. A drained pool can also crack or pop out of the ground because of pressure from ground water. Your Blue Diamond Pools representative can give you guidelines to follow if you must drain your pool, or they can come out and handle it for you.

If you close your pool, APSP recommends the following:

  • Get your water balanced properly to prevent stains, scaling and
    algae growth.
  • Put in an extra dose of sanitizer to help keep the pool clean and algae free.
  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum the pool.
  • Drain below the skimmer inlet lines or in heavy freeze areas, below the return lines and then plug the lines.
  • Close valves on the skimmer.
  • Make sure water does not accumulate and freeze in skimmers.
  • Clean and backwash the filter.
  • Drain all water in the heater, filter, pump and piping system.
  • Remove the pump motor and store in a dry place.
  • Turn off all power to the support equipment and remove fuses or turn the circuit breakers to OFF.
  • If you have a slide or diving board, take it off and store it.
  • Cover the pool and plug all openings.
  • Store chemicals in a cool, dry and secure place away from children
    and pets.

For other guidelines, you can refer to your Blue Diamond manual.

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