Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I see my salesperson during the construction process to make sure I'm getting what was sold to me?
We will be with you every step of the way. Your design consultant is on task to make sure the pool gets built as ordered. When finished, we will show you how the mechanical end of the pool works. We can either set up a maintenance program for you or instruct you on maintaining the pool yourself.

Is the price you quoted the final price, or are there any potential add-ons or hidden costs?
Our prices are firm. The only way the price would go up or down is if you make changes to the specifications of the quote. For instance, adding a remote control system might be the kind of modification that would affect the cost if added after the fact.

How can I make sure construction stays on schedule?
Your Blue Diamond representative will keep you up-to-date on day-to-day progress. There are a few factors that can change the schedule. For example, the weather, changes to the scope of the project, permit delays and similar instances can affect the pool build-out. The time-frame can also be sped up by using our easy project management system option called ProjectSwim that makes it simple and fast to make your payments, and changes to your account and see the progress of the pool build.

What are the steps involved in building a pool?
Swimming pools are built in many steps that begin with the design process, encompass several steps of construction, and end with filling the pool with water.

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Building a concrete pool encompasses the following phases:

  • Design
  • The Site
  • Excavation
  • Reinforced Steel
  • Plumbing
  • Pneumatic Concrete Application
  • Coping
  • Tile
  • Electrical
  • Decking
  • Interior Finish
  • Getting Started
  • Let’s Go Swimming

The steps involved in building a fiberglass pool would vary slightly.
Please discuss the differences with your Design Consultant.

Once the water is in the pool, can I use my new pool right away?
Once a pool is completed and full of water, the startup procedures can take up to one week, but usually less.

Will we be required to be home during construction?
There are only a few instances when you will need to be home during construction, such as the day the swimming pool is excavated and the day that the electrician and/or gas technicians arrive. If your presence is required at any other times, we will do our best to give you as much notice as possible.


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