Case Study

Why Using A Small Contractor Isn’t Always Cheaper.

In 2007, Dave Lindahl and his family had a big problem. And the enormous unfinished hole in their small Hendersonville  place backyard with an lake view seemed to tell the whole story. After thinking about putting in a pool and Jacuzzi for more than 10 years, the Lindahl’s finally decided to go for it. After all, the whole family loves to boat. And Dave always loved the idea of having a great place to hang out with the kids after being on the lake.

So without doing much research, Dave decided to use a small local contractor who had built his sister’s pool. “My sister had used a small contractor who did pools. So we contacted him, had him do the design and we went with it. Everything went great at first. We dug the hole, got the permits, started putting in the rebar, everything.”

Then things went south. The small contractor that Dave had chosen began to have some personal problems and construction came to an abrupt halt. Then the record rainfall of 2007 started wreaking havoc on his backyard and actually caved in an entire side of the pool’s hole. Dave tried to reach his contractor for weeks but his phone calls went unanswered.

Dave knew he needed help, but he was worried that no one would want to touch a messy, half-finished project. That’s why he was shocked by Blue Diamond Pools’ response. He had heard great things about Blue Diamond Pools and knew that they had 27 years of experince, but there was no way he could have expected the incredible service or the immediate results that he got.

Dave recalls, “The owner of Blue Diamond Pool and Spa heard about our problem and he felt bad for us, so he had the guys down here take care of it.” In less than three months, the unfinished pool with the missing contractor had gone from a complete disaster to completely finished. And best of all, it looked exactly like he had hoped it would. “We wanted the backyard to look like a meadow in the mountains,” he said. “At night, with the lights and the pine trees, you’d swear you were in the mountains.”

So what’s the lesson? Always do your homework before you choose a pool builder. The reason that so many small contractors can build a pool for a few thousand less is because they have virtually no overhead. But that means they could be working out of their garage…… or they could go out of business at any time. And when they’re gone, so is your warranty.

As you already know, choosing a pool contractor is a big deal. And because Blue Diamond Pool and Spa has built more than 5000 pools over the last 18 years, you don’t have to worry if we’ll be around tomorrow to complete your pool or to back up our guarantee.

Dave learned that you get what you pay for. He concluded, “Some people seem to think that you pay a little more if you go with a larger contractor. But if you go with a small guy who doesn’t get the job done the way you wanted, you might end up paying more anyway.”


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